The group of companies INOVENTICA is the first IT-operator in Russia implementing projects for creating public, hybrid and private “clouds” on the national scale through provision of access to the unified pool of distributed information and computing resources of the Group companies and its partners on the basis of own ICT infrastructure.

 The partners and customers of the group of companies INOVENTICA are government institutions and departments, SMB, large corporations, solution providers, telecom operators, hosting providers, software developers, and operators of Data Centers. 

 The development strategy of the group of companies involves creation of the “cloud” ICT infrastructure enabling implementation of new projects as well as transfer of the existing innovation ICT projects within the shortest time possible, regardless of their scale and geography, by using economically efficient and mutually beneficial terms for cooperation of all ICT market players. 

The Group of the companies consists of:

  • CJSC “Communications for innovations”- the constitutive company of the Group INOVENTICA, which implements projects on the basis of innovative ITC infrastructure on the national scale based on “cloud” computing technologies. 
  • “Inoventiсa Technologies” LLC – the company providing integrated ITC services with the use of innovative technological solutions on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation with the partners. 
  • "Garant-Park-Internet" LLC (registered brand "Inoventica Services") - the company specializing on providing of services based on "cloud" computing technologies, services in the field of outsourcing of the IT Infrastructure, basic hosting, development and support of the software for Internet and Intranet applications, and also providing additional services on the basis of Microsoft decisions.
Infrastructural capabilities of INOVENTICA (upon completion of the first stage of development):

  • Own Dark Fiber with the length of over 20 thousand kilometers; 
  • Infrastructure throughput of up to 8 Tbps; 
  • Distributed infrastructure of the Data Centers. 

Strategic alliances and partnerships help the business create unique competitive advantages on account of access to partner’s facilities.

Creation of innovative technological solutions and services, as well as long-term partnership relations constitute the working principles of the Group of companies INOVENTICA.

We are kindly inviting you to become a partner of the company INOVENTICA and expand the spectrum of solutions and services offer to your customers. By optimizing expenses we will make you business more efficient. 

Together we are the leaders joining forces for the purposes of implementation of technologies and provision of services of the future that will enhance standards of life.